The unobtainium illpro mag…..

Before we get into it I want to thank everyone for the support over the past 3+ years. The blog was launched as another way of delivering upcoming release information. We highly encourage you to sign up for the newsletter if you have not, as we will be doing newsletter exclusive releases on the highly sought after EMAGs, straight PMAGs, and frogskin Vans. The newsletter will also be the only place to find out about special giveaways, sales, and free shipping offers!

Let’s get to it. The DCU EMAGs are not and will never be for sale. The ones you may have seen online were only made for homies with the exception being one used in a giveaway, and that was November 2022. We made a small batch of these and this is your chance to get your hands on one. Now through Sunday March 10th any ‘Calvin’ tee or ‘Register Commies’ Nalgene purchased = 1 entry to win a DCU EMAG. Multiple winners will be announced as soon as all of the pre-orders have shipped. So head over to the shop and show some love for us and hate for the IRS, ATF, and Commies!