The blog is here! We will be shifting a lot of release info that is usually seen on Instagram to the blog to help prevent the Instagram account from getting deleted for violating guidelines – ‘sale of illegal or regulated goods’. Full details for each drop will be available on the blog. We will still be using the newsletter to make drop announcements and we highly encourage you to sign up as we will have the most highly sought after drops like straight PMAGS and EMAGS be exclusive newsletter only releases. To launch the blog we will be giving away a tan EOTECH EXPS3! This month we are releasing magazines, skate decks, and the SWK collab blades. Each magazine, deck, and knife purchased = 1 Entry. There will only be 235 items available so that means 235 total entries. The mags will be releasing next week (more info soon) and that will have the most entries of any product as well as being the lowest priced product, increase your odds on the low. We will announce the winner on IG Live January 31st at 8pm est.