Grey PMAGS and more! Wednesday 1/10 1pm est


The first mag of the year is here, cerakoted in a custom grey mix on M3 30rd 5.56 PMAGs with the illpro ‘stake’ logo laser etched. Each mag will be $55 and come with a 4″ ‘skate’ logo sticker that will only be available with mags.

Each mag purchased = 1 entry into the EOTECH EXPS3 giveaway. With only 235 total giveaway slots available the mag will be the cheapest way to enter and have the most slots available. Read more in the previous blog post. 

Calvin IRS and Hunter Biden Stickers

Remember when the IRS was going to kick in your door and shoot your 14yr old dog with hip problems that didn’t even bark because you didn’t report that $600 Venmo transfer? Yeah fuck those guys, Calvin IRS stickers 3″ x 3″ vinyl.

The Presidents son thought it was a great idea to take photos of himself smoking crack? Wild, but at least he has a great outlook on gun laws. Hunter Biden stickers 3.75″ x 2″ vinyl.